Dating site


If you think can have any recommendations for dating sites here,   sorry please leave. 

Downloaded a free App of dating site over weekend.

My first time 😛  haha I am active in social networks but not dating site.  Why not trying? It’s free 😛

See what I found on it

1) married guys

what for?  I thought married guys are not free or available for dating.   So why are they there? 

2) people around 20

why people at that age on dating site?  They don’t need dating site to get dates right?  Interesting. 

3) many cats and dogs

hahaha I meant many people loves to use their pets photos as profile pictures.  Who are interested in chatting with someone who dare not to post their own pictures?  I like pets but not like chatting with them online

4) sexy photos

photos of girls wearing deep v top or super low cut top are allowed.  But photos showing ass (well, not mine.  A friend told me about that), my water skiing photos and my sketch  are not approved to post!!!!!!  I can’t see the logic. 

A guy is mad at me because I didn’t give him my phone number.  I told him too many bad people on internet.   He accused me “I met a decent guy but throwing him away”.   I feel bad even he is a stranger.  I feel bad because someone angry at me.   I feel bad because someone felt offended by me. 

Guess dating site is not for me. I am not cheeky enough 😛  


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