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I am not talking about pillow fight though I think it would be more interesting.

As a person who loves to sleep a lots especially during winter, pillow is almost like my partner.

I need a good pillow for me to hibernate which is more than comfortable but feel safe and warm.   Sounds like I am talking about a shoulder instead 😛

Mom got me new pillows.    Well, she got me new one not long ago which was down one.  A bit too flat but ok.     I had to “reshape” it every night.  “Shake” all leather back to centre.

Now this one, so called “Formless and Firmness”  As you can see the pillow, higher at two sides.  Guess it is for people who sleep at their side.    It is a bit too high compared with the down one.  Anyway, my mom has taken my down pillows and replaced these new one to me.  No choices.

Woke up a few times at first night with my “lovely” new pillow.   It is lovely because it’s from mom.  Not sure if it’s the pillow or stress.  I had nightmare as well.   A few days passed by.  I still woke up a few times in the middle of night and I have a bit stiff neck.  

Forgot to steal my down pillow back while at parents today.   Have to do that next week.  Anyway, give the pillow and me one more week.  And see if we will like each others more lol

Sweet dreams all xo      



4 thoughts on “Pillow

  1. finding the right pillow is hard.  they do have a pillow for the way you sleep. if you sleep on your side, back or tummy, they have a pillow made for you and it is based on the firmness and support you need.   but that pillow up there looks nice.  down pillows are only good for pillow fights. 

  2. @buddy71 – hmm.. personally, I don’t like pillow has a shape like those show on photo. I like to soft……nice to cuddle lol oh is leather in down pillows pink one? or colorful one? that would be good for pillow fights. Let me have one in my dreams tonight lol

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