To-do list

things to do today 

I don’t have any to-do list.

Might be too scared I can’t finish it.  Might be too scared I can’t think of anything to do 😛

I found this “Things to do today” list.  It should be “Things to do everyday” list.

I did 4 things out of 8 only on the list.  So just got a pass.

#7 for me is caring others.

Do you have any to -do list? Have you done anything on the list today? 


6 thoughts on “To-do list

  1. I do make mental lists.  I admit most of the stuff on them ultimately doesn’t count save that I strive after anything something!  such a buggabed in this life now 😀  the crow cawwed…if you know you’re natve american mythology that means the trickster god has announced himself.  in real life it amuses me how crows follow me… anyways list, yes – does it matter I hade my bed..swept the kitchen chiseled the wetted sugar off the counter.. I live with others and blind as I am I spot faults!!! 😀  but much of my realizations are that what I’m about is of no meaning- save this it’s how people at a glance understand us and have our measure simply by how our clothes are kempt and how clean our home is… no excuses… always with the “I’m sorry my home isn’t up to the white glove…it wont be shown unless it’s cleaner than another’s :D…but I’m so sorry it’s not perfect lol  took me forever to learn that  little LIE.list lies.I got a fine pot of keeman on.    I am amazed I can taste the floral note yet also and under tone of lychee fruit that acetony  mango skin lychee type taste  that is to me exotic  and wow. no I can’t taste the fruit just a feeling.. the chemical signatures of the fruit or where it’s grown are present.  I like this.

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