a riddle

a raft 

Why are you single?/ Why aren’t you in a relationship?

What kind of question is that?

What answers are you expecting?

Is in a relationship like a raft?  At least would be safe from all such kind of embarrassing questions. 

It looks like being single is strange. 

Why Why Why Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  Why men like keep asking? 




18 thoughts on “a riddle

  1. they are just being nosy??  for the normal (and i am not sure who decided it to be normal) is to be attached to another person.  you could say you are and show them a photo of you and one of your bears.  that will really get them to raise an eye brow.  lol  

  2. @MichellelyNg – Well, it takes some luck and a lot of trying to be with someone appropriate and suitable. Sometimes luck is not on our side, and sometimes we simply don’t try enough to meet new people and know them.Maybe we lack social skills, maybe we don’t let others know us well enough to like us, maybe we’re too picky to like others (I’m like that)It’s a bit strange for me to be single after all these years, but I’m just gonna have fun and do things that only a single person can do for now 🙂

  3. @MichellelyNg – I kind of do and kind of don’t. It’s nice to live my life and not have anyone to answer to or worry about. I actually don’t mind my job that much, but I know most girls hate where I work, and it’s definitely a hinderance to having a new relationship. But I love the money and the freedom and toys it brings me… Who can say they can buy a house with no mortgage? I like that thought, a lot.I dunno, I can’t find any girls locally whom I like, guess I’ll just take it easy, have fun, and do what I do best 🙂

  4. @MichellelyNg – ah I dunno about LDRs Michelle… the last one worked out fairly good until things got too real for her. Honestly, you think someone could love another so much that EVERYTHING will be alright? I doubt it. There is no perfect person out there, just people who fit better than others I think.If I wait for the perfect person I might not live long enough to find her I think 😛

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