The last day and the first day.


Who you want to spend with at the end of year?  Doing count down together?  Kick the past away or keep the sweet memories?

Who you want to share with at the first day of New Year?

Is it difficult to decide?   


21 thoughts on “The last day and the first day.

  1. yes it’s very difficult for me to decide, this particular new years eve/new years day. i don’t mean to get myself into these situations. : )  how about you? anyone in particular?

  2. I feel like it’s just an ordinary day, and nothing special. The last few years I’ve spent it in my computer room by myself. Went to sleep, and woke up by myself. It’s something I haven’t really thought about. How about you, missy? I hope you have someone to hang out with!

  3. @MichellelyNg – to be honest I’m not wholly sure if I’m at my friend’s ringing in the new old friend or if I’m out chasing some outting with brother and sister.  those are the usual likeliest ways I’d spend new years- there is also the hope within a dream special folks unnamed might appear like magic…ooh smell the intriguing scandlal? πŸ˜€  most often new years just happens:D  I in other words tag along.

  4. i have always liked new years over any other holiday except for my birthday. i rarely go out on new years as there are always too many crazy people on the roads. friends use to have new years day parties. they would have several big tv’s and one could just come and go as they pleased and watch parades or foot ball and just visit with each other. it was fun and relaxed with lots of food and drinks and good company.but now i like spending time at home.  it is quiet and comfortable. play some good music or watch some good movies.  watch the ball drop and toast in the new year.  i do think that the new day looks a bit do you celebrate both new years??

  5. @buddy71 – hey, when is your birthday? do you think I was one of those crazy people on street? :PWhen I was young, I would plan ahead and make sure I would do the count down and celebrete New Year Eve with my friends till early morning :p  But now, just follow my heart and let things flow. No more planning. What happen will happen =)  Have a good day my dear.  Hugs

  6. @MichellelyNg – my b-day is in september.  this year 2012 is to be my year as i am a dragon and i think 2012 is the year of the dragon.      why yes of course you are one of those party people out in the street on new years eve.  lol  :Pso do you celebrate the new year and the chinese new year??

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