Get your sock ready?!

a chrismas sock 

Are you longing for today?

A day full of hopes and joys.

Yeah.  It’s Christmas Eve. 

A bit cold here.  Around 11 degree celsius (51.8F) now.   Yes, it’s cold for me 😛

But it suits Christmas well.  Give you an excuse to give long hugs and cuddle.

I am ready!

I am ready for Christmas. See sock is out. A friend asked where the fireplace and chimney are. No No No.  Santa will come via window!  See my reindeer on sock? He will send signal to Santa :p 

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hugs.


7 thoughts on “Get your sock ready?!

  1. Merry Christmas ‘Chelle! (11 degrees…C? oooo i’m sooooo scared 😛 ). No but seriously, stay warm! I hope Santa puts nice things in your adorable sock. Speaking of which, just *look* at that sock. Honestly Michelle, everything you do is so adorable it’s probably illegal in some countries.<3

  2. @complicatedlight –  Merry Christmas Philip.  Hope you are having a peaceful Christmas Eve.  Sure you don’t scared by low temp!  oh oh oh please let me know if I did anything illegal.  Don’t want to celebrate New Year in jail unless someone special there waiting for me 😛  Enjoy the Christmas and New Year holiday.  Cheers,

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