ex photos


Share and broadcast.

Can wait to tell the world what you are doing. 

Post all kind of photos.  Good one, bad one, nasty one, happy one, sad one, sweet one, naughty one………………..

Well, what to do with your ex photos you have posted when you met someone new?

Keep it? Delete it or hide it?



11 thoughts on “ex photos

  1. well, i have never posted any pics of my ex’s so it is never a problem. but if i ever did i would delete them.  now if i had any that i have saved elsewhere?  those would be deleted too except for maybe the naughty ones which i would hide very very well.   lol  

  2. For me, after a relationship has ended on bad terms (ie. cheating).  I start a lil fire behind my house and burn all the cards, letters, pictures etc.  and wipe my hard drive clean of of any trace of that person.  BUT if it was on good terms, which is rare, I keep everything =] haha

  3. I would contact NASA, work out a deal to tape my sentimental items onto the rocket boosters and nuke it to orbit. While I watch from my television and wave farewell to my past. It’s the only way… 🙂 

  4. @wingtrung – I hided everything from ex after breakup till I am able to face it.  But tried to keep everything as they are part of my history.  And those bad one can help to remind me how stupid I was.  Hard but good lessons =)  Enjoy the weekend with joys 🙂

  5. @MichellelyNg – Haha, and to complete it I’ll have one of those tiny umbrellas in my drink and sporting a pair of sunglasses as I watch the show. I mean, it’ll probably get really bright from all that heat.  So what would YOU do with your ex photos? Hug them everyday? kiss them good night before bed?

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