Time is running out…. again


One and only ONE.

Yes, it’s Dec 1.  Only one month left. 

What are you rushing?

What you want  before 2011 finished?

What 2011 left in your mind? 

Slow down, slow down.

Live as the last second you have.


12 thoughts on “Time is running out…. again

  1. @MichellelyNg – šŸ™‚ they’re about to, i’ve some bobbles to buy and then off to pay my rent and get get a new eye dee as I finally expired myself according to the government… I worrrrrre out my papers šŸ˜€  (thank you for the smile)

  2. @starmanjones – hey, hope you finish those stuffs soon and do something really fun to celebrate your special day.  hmm only thanks my smile?  how about xoxoxo?  u don’t thanks my hugs and kisses?  lol kidding šŸ˜›  more smile on the way to Birthday boy.  =))))))

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