One of the best way to spend hot summer day


Nothing much wanted to do after a hectic week.  Specially was hot and wet outside.

Felt lazy but didn’t want to stay home.  Needed some fresh air.

Well, more than fresh air.  Needed something to calm my chaotic soul. 

Couldn’t resist the smell of sea and caressed by sea breeze under sun.  Lovely could throw myself in a big cradle of sea.


Passed along the Geo Park.  Would be nice if could kayak around.  But big wave on that day.  I tried that near the beach.  And the boat being turned around by big waves.  My knees bruised and had a few cuts on thighs.  Anyway, it worth.

Well,  was looking for something more exciting


Yeah.  Going to have wakeboarding!!!! 


On a speed boat.  Couldn’t wait.


Beautiful boards. 

hahaha after a few trials and drank some salty water even I was not thirsty…


Was fun and enjoyable though really made me exhausted.  Happy time flied. 

Saw a cool yacht on the way back


Longing to have another boat trip soon for my body and mind.



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