Life is a bubble

a rip 

You said would be strong

You said would be tough

You sent a Thank You card and said would get well soon and took challenges with us

You sent an email and said we needed more positive energy

You never got the energy I sent.  Just half day after you had sent the message

Who said never too late?  

Rest in peace Boss.  Hope peace and comfort with your family.  You will be in our hearts forever.

Life is like a bubble.  It flows with wind.  Seems not under your control.  And it will break anytime.  Not up to you even if you wanted to handle it with care. 

Treasure people around you.  Treasure every moments.  Or you wouldn’t have any chances forever.


7 thoughts on “Life is a bubble

  1. ssadly too true- but how often it is easy to fling the moments for their sin of not being the ones we’ve wanted.  it is hard to know this is all we get and yet balance that with of hope of wishing for the best ones we can acheive.

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