a pillow 

I like sleeping.  Yes, lazy me.  Like to be woken up by sunshine and bird’s singing.

But it is terrible when you woke with headache and pain at back of neck.

I am stubborn.  Can tell by my neck.  Doctor said neck should be in a curve shape.  But mine is a bit straight.  So it is easy for me to feel tired and stiff at my neck. Sometimes, it affected my shoulders too.  Really not nice.    

Hope pillows can help.  I have tried many different kind of pillows.  But still seems can’t help much.  Some said down pillow is the best kind of pillow.  I haven’t tried that yet.  It is expensive.  And not much down pillow available here.  Might be I should try to order one online.  But I can’t try it before buying in that way.

There should be some natural ways…….

Might be find a comfortable chest.  Resting head there and embrace by feeling of safe and warm.  Isn’t it good enough? 


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