Tea or coffee?


Not addicted to coffee or tea.  But days seems not nice enough without a morning coffee.

So a big mug each morning.  Must be hot and strong one.  Milk or cream only.  No sugar.  Coffee which tasted sweet is not a coffee to me though I like dessert so much.  Just sweet is nothing to coffee to me.

Well, can’t have too much good stuff.  Would be too “excited” if had too much coffee. My heart would like a wild uncontrollable wild horse.  And my stomach would complain too. 

So sometimes will choose tea.  Like fruit tea with honey.  Sweet and smell nicely.  Or if you want something less strong but with lovely smell.  Try Osmanthus tea.  Sure it won’t disappoint you.  Found a lovely tea filter lately.  It is so convenient as I don’t have any teapots. 

Now I can have both coffee and tea whenever I want.  Lucky me. 


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