Learn to love?


Do we need to learn how to love?

How to learn?  Need a tutor?

Some people said we only know how to love after hurting by someone. 

Why have to get through such painful process in order to learn?

How about if those couldn’t move on?  How about those never hurt by love?  

I think love is something inborn.   It is with us when we were born.  So we care others.  We have feelings.  We smile, we cry.  Of course, we have loves but we get hurt as well.     

I think what we should learn is how to protect ourselves from getting hurt rather than how to love.  How not to fall in love too quick.  Well, no harm if you could move on quick.  Just enjoy giving and getting loves.  It is easier to learn from mistakes but no need to get a reborn after death.  So don’t forget to love yourself.


6 thoughts on “Learn to love?

  1. spring? what’s that? oh yeah. i remember now. well…what there has been of it, yes, i’ve been enjoying every minute. soaking it up like a sponge. but it’s been slow in coming here this year, peeking out for only a handful of days so far. ok, it’s not twenty below and blowing anymore, but it’s been raining and raw…which is a step up, but…so anyway next week is supposed to be nice. maybe it will come and stay this time. and you can bet i’m going to be here when it does :)and you? how have you been?

  2. @complicatedlight – I know a long winter for most of us. Anyway, it would go no matter what.  Guess we have skipped spring here.  So hot here.  hmm.. raining there?  I woke by sound of rain around 5:30am in the past two days.  Pity.  Didn’t feel anything romantic lol Trying my best to make time stay.  Not flying so fast.  Will be June soon.  So half the year gone without a trace.  Enjoy the weekend my friend.  Hugs.

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