An uninvited “guest” during hiking

IMG_3492 Hiking, one of the best way to release pressure, to relax, pamper the busy mind.  Breath fresh air.

There are many different kind of trails here. In general, it is classified by Family Walk, Nature Trail and Country Trail.  Well, of course, I took easy one most of time i.e. Family Walk 😛

Couldn’t wait to have a walk during Easter long weekend.  Went to Lamma Island.  Well, last time it took less than an hour for me to walk from one side of pier to another side.  Thought would be easy and enjoyable. 

But this time, we walked really slow.  And tried some side track.  Turn out it took 4 hours.  Totally out of my expectation. 

And AND AND something spoiled my great mood at the beginning of trip.  A big, fat and shiny snake crossed a path in front of me.  I tried my best not to scream.  It moved so quick even with a fat body.  My knees were so weak, I couldn’t move. 

So I was worried in the whole trip and worried about there would other snakes around.  Tried not to look around.  Just kept walking. 

Frankly, was a fantastic trip other than the snake part.



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