How many friends you have in social network? 

I tried to minimize it.  Need to remember everyone.  Not just put people on the list.  They are my friends.  Not merely a photo with name.  A guy tried to convince me, he could manage more than three thousands friends on his list.  I don’t want to be one of his three thousands and something.   Not even bother to give him a chance showing how he could do that. 

I do clean up my friend’s list regularly.  Will yell on my status before doing that. Those not communicate will be out. 

As less than 200 friends on my list, easily to spot out if being defriend..  Well, it is sad and hurt.  Seems I am good enough to be friends.  Was defriend by the first guy I dated on FB.  A nice gentleman.  Made me felt likes a princess on every dates. Anyway, I have no lucks.  I thought we were good friends.  Haven’t met up for awhile after he relocated to somewhere else.  But we stayed in touch on MSN till he suddenly defriend me on FB recently


I care everyone on my friend’s list.  They are not a stranger.  So defriend anyone is not easy to me.  No matter what reasons.


Well, it makes me think of a movie.  “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”

Is it as easy as by pressing a delete button? 


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