Did I tell you I love you today?


Terrified by the natural disaster around.  Still vivid memories of tsunamis in S.E. Asia which killed more than 200 thousands people.  And recently, flooding in Queensland, Australia,  earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ, and two days ago, earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Seems the earth is complaining about our over exploitation. 

Life is more than fragile.  Not in our control.  I enjoyed ship horns before.  It was kinda of lullaby to  me.  But feel scared now.  Feel like a ship lost direction and control.  Crashing to shore. 


It is a relief to see Japanese are so strong and so discipline.  Though they are suffered from such a huge disaster, they are offering help to tourists who stuck over there.  Helping them to get through such bad situation even they are in great pain.

There might has a second meltdown in the nuclear plant at Iwaki.  Hope they can shut it down in time.  If not, another big and painful disaster is ahead.  More people would have a long term suffer.

Pray for the best. 

No one knows what tomorrow will bring.  Don’t hesitate to tell your family, your friends and people you cared, you love them a lots.


Love ya.



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