Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day.  It keeps you busy right?  No matter you have sweetheart or you are single. Seems no one can get rid of it.

It is great that Valentine’s day is on Monday this year.  So you could have a Valentine’s weekend to celebrate.  This weekend has been cold and raining.  Don’t think it did spoiled your mood.  Just have one more reason to cuddle and stay in.  Spent less lol

Flowers arranged?  Table for dinner booked?  Well, might be chocolate and gifts as well.  After gifts for Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, now have to think of another one?!    hmm.. we are going to have Chinese Valentine’s Day as well soon.  Headache?  🙂

Feel that Valentine’s Day is too commercialized here.  Lots of advertisements about gifts, flowers, special dinner and hotel romantic package since a month ago.  Seems it’s a chance to show off.  Is LOVE for showing off?!  The expensive bunch of flowers has to send to office.  Girls at that day with no flowers seems “lose faces”.  So some girls ordered flowers to themselves.  Is a bunch of flowers really so important? Is a bunch of flowers equal to you found a special one and you are in love?

Those who are single are busy too.  No one wants to spend that day alone.  Suddenly, many parties for singles are held.  Girls parties, boys parties.  Is that day really hard to survive being alone?   Anyone would think you save a lots being single on Valentine’s day?  😛

Anyone treasure to spend quality time home with your special one?  Just cook a dinner with heart.  Spend time chatting and whisper to each others.  Might be give your special one a good massage?  Intimate and sweet enough.

No matter how you are going to spend the Valentine’s Day, hope it will be a sweet and enjoyable one to you.

Cheers, xo


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