A love story


A pretty and charming lady, not sure why didn’t have much lucks in loves. 

Hurt by some wrong guys.  Cheated by some bad guys.  Still kept looking for love bravely.

Is love can be found or have to wait for cupid arrow to hit you at the right moments? 

She chose not to wait passively.  Went and found her love. 

She asked boss to let her have leave for two months.  Flied to USA and made her dreams come true.  Wow.  What a decision?! 

She flied there secretly.  Hadn’t informed friends.  Stayed in her auntie’s place.  Not much news from her.  She seldom update her Facebook.  Chatted with her on messenger a few times though.   Just knew that she enjoyed life over there even not much to do as she couldn’t drive.  But she didn’t want to come back.  It has been six months already. 

Finally, got an email from her.  She got married!  What?!  Why we haven’t been invited to her wedding?  Why her best friends been keeping into dark?!  Who is her husband?  How she got to know him?  Is he a good person?  blah blah blah.  We have lots of questions.  You know girls… just keep blah blah blah lol

Anyway, congratulations Ms. Kwong.  Well, she is Mrs. Chen now.  Congratulations Mrs. Chen.  Congratulations on starting a new page of sweet life.  Might be news of a baby rabbit soon?  lol

Can’t wait for the catch up though knew that will not be soon.

Enjoy new life over there Mrs. Chen.   Miss you much.

Any love story shares from you?

Wish you all a sweet New Year of the Rabbit ahead. 




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