Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit


Kung Hei Fat Choy!  Happy Chinese New Year.

Yes, it’s time to say bye to the Year of Tiger and welcome for the New Year of Rabbit.

So rabbit decorations around


And a rabbit seat. 


I found a nice suprise home.  Two lovely intruders


I love their clothes so much.  Thanks my sweet mom. She “helped” them hopping to my place lol

Of course, traditional one as well

Recently Updated19

Most kids like Chinese New Year much as they gets lot of red packet and can have as much as candies they want 🙂  To me, frankly, I didn’t like much following parents and visited relative and their friends.  But I did like candies, red packet and traditional New Year food 😛  I like sweet rice cake. 

This year I bought something new to mom.  A jujube cake.   Should be nice even if just steam to heat it.

  Recently Updated21

Well, Chinese New Year is time for reunion.  So it is important to gather all family members and have a dinner at the last day of year.  See what my mom cooked?  Wow…… mom is a wonderful Michelin 5 star Chef lol

  Recently Updated28

Not yet to Chinese New Year.  But I have a few red packets already.  Also, candies are ready to family.


Time to stick some decorations as well.  Well below are the modern one.  Traditional one is supposed to be handwritten by writing brush.

Recently Updated31  

Normally, people will go to Lunar New Year market and buy flowers.  Get lucky meaning of prosperity etc. 

Just less than an hour to go.  Will be the New Year of the Rabbit.

Kung Hei Fat Choy again.  Wish a better year ahead.  May your year be full of loves, joy, success and good health.


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