A bunch of loves

Picture 73

Seems merely visual seems can’t satisfied me.

Need something more than virtual.

Need something can be touched.

Need something to feel with.

Sorry I know my wishes have killed some trees.

But it’s a season for spending and sharing. 

Santa’s helper (postman) sent me a “Bunch of loves”

I got them at the same day.  Thanks for the surprise.  

Can you believe some of them are from friends who I never met in real?  I was crazy and addicted on ICQ chat room .  Travel room was just like my second home.  I chatted there daily till late night.   Chatting to people around the world who like travel.  

haha you don’t know ICQ?  It came earlier than MSN or Facebook.  You don’t need to register and get an account.  You don’t even need to “find” a nick name.  You can just sign in and you will get a random number as your nick.  

I haven’t chatted on ICQ for ages.  But I earned friendship from there.  We care each others.  We support each others.  Sometimes I do feel they are nicer than “real” friends around.

Thanks my sweet friends.  Your loves warmed my heart.

I am sure our friendship will go on and have more and more 10 years. 



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