It seems nothing to do with you.  We always trend to think we are the lucky one.   Lucky in a sense that just like one of million dust in air.  Not easy to win the lottery.

But I am scared.  I do feel scare.  I don’t know how to comfort her except hugging her tightly.  Tell her be strong and brave.  Tell her I have a friend just won the battle.  Tell her, her little girls needs her. 

I am shivering as more and more friends affected by breast cancer or cancer.   Who will be the next?   They are young.  Only thirty something.  Have a lovely family.  But have to struggle with the most terrible disease in their beautiful age.  In a age which should be fight for better future and enjoy life rather than struggle with illness.     

Why? Why?  Why?  Have so many questions on my mind.  I am a bit lost.  Can’t find the meaning of life as it is so fragile and nothing seem in control. 

Be positive. Be positive.  BE POSTIVE.  Care and feel our bodies.  Give support to others when we are able to. 

From someone who never have a body check though she knows should have it yearly……….

Wish good health for everyone.  Take good care.



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