A message from a “stranger”

Can you recall something specific which happened four years ago?

Can you named the people who you got to know four years ago?

Can you remember a person who had chatted with you for a month FOUR years ago?

Got an email from a “stranger”.  I have no idea about his name.  I can’t remember his face.  Well, the email address seems familiar.  But I have hundreds email address on contact list.  Guess most people do.  I seldom re- arrange contact list.  Just leave it there after adding.  Frankly, less than 50 I keep in touch frequently.

Lots of questions on my mind. Who is he? Will you send a message to someone you haven’t talked to for four years?  I am curious.  Why he keep messageing me.  Guess I can’t get hurt by email.  He is so far away anyway.   Should be safe right?!

Got an update photo to me. Sorry still no idea.  He told me more about himself.  What he was doing.  His recent updates………  hmm.. seems I “knew” someone which similar background.  Well, search old email.  See if can get any hints there.  Thanks for the super big storage on web mail.  Yeah.  Got one from the stranger.  Right.  Four years ago!  But only a photo there.  No message 😦

Will keep responding his messages and see what happened. 


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