Is that you?










Or this one?





What a happy family a lovely wife with new born twins.   

Pardon!  You love your wife.  You love your kids but want a mistress? What?


Just get married.  Looks like your wife is pretty and sweet.  Congratulations. 

hmm…. you will keep your promise to another girl.  Going to meet up?


You are in a new relationship.  Happy for you.  Your girlfriend knew you well.  She knew your history.  She knew you want more than one girlfriends.  haha is that love?

I am lost.  I am confused.  Hey guys, do you know this word “Fidelity”?

wedding ring


Obviously, a wedding ring there.  Why three rings there?

Life long partner, mistress/ gigolo and random play partner?

Enagement ring, wedding ring and first anniversary?


Enagement ring, wedding ring and suffered?


Well, all not applied on me.  So please leave me alone.  I am not your cup of tea. 


6 thoughts on “Affair

  1. Well, men aren’t the only ones to have affairs, although they do cheat more frequently than women.  The biggest question is why people in general are tempted to stray from their relationships and what can be done to strengthen the relationships?

  2. @christao408 – I don’t have bias on that.  So put a photo of man and a woman in another one 🙂  Love need to be nutured.  Just like you have to water a plant.  Bring in new element to keep it alive is important.  Back to original, if you love someone, nothing can tempt you.  Have a great Friday.

  3. @MichellelyNg – I don’t quite agree.  If you love someone, you can still be tempted.  But if the love is strong enough, you can resist the temptation.  Saying that you won’t be tempted sets unrealistic expectations because people are human and temptations arise.  The important thing is to be able to resist the temptations.

  4. @christao408 – right.  temptations around and not under your control.  one can’t stop others’s tempting.   but one can resist.  it is the one, who being tempted, decide to accept it or not.  sorry I haven’t made my point clear. 

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