Love Actually hugging

Airport. Just 30 mins away from home.  People always said you could find all kind of emotion and loves there. 

I don’t like saying bye.  So can’t like departure hall at all.  Don’t like the feeling of separate and being left behind.  Not enjoy going home alone.  The loneliest journey.

But what in arrival hall is different.   You see the longing faces with expectation.  Parents waiting for kids.  Partners waiting for their another half.  Family waiting for their family members.  Friends waiting for their best friends.   Full of sweetness in the air.  Endless hugs and kisses. 

What I saw recently, a mom was waiting with three kids.   There were drawings on the hands of kids.  One was saying “DAD”  and the other one like “Welcome home”  hmm…. so sweet.  So explicit and direct.  Couldn’t forget the long and passionate hugs and kisses with contented smiles on their faces. Always the most basic and simple stuff touch your hearts. 




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