Disappointed New Generation. Sigh!

It is a hot topic of Post 80 or Post 90.  They are not happy with their lives.  They keep complaining they can’t get what they wanted.  Government draws public attention to be more attentive and care to young people. 

Those who were born in 80’s and 90’s, not a baby or a kid anymore.  Why still have naive thoughts.  Think their parents or government should help them to have a better life? 

People received compulsory 9 years free education, here up to secondary level.  They never treasure the opportunity to build up ones character, inner good self and sense.  Most of them spent time in watching TV, playing video games, or part time job for earning money to buy branded clothes and bags or mobile phone.   

The new generation, not care about others.  Not even any politeness.

That’s common to see everywhere



The bus was full and crowded.  A young guy put his headphone on and slept on the bus.  It didn’t matter if he hadn’t put his legs on another chair.  He slept so well till to bus terminal. 

Well another scene.

A Sat afternoon, a few noisy young people sat at the last two rows of a bus.  Photo0790a

Four of them are shown at the left of photo.  They ate and drank on the air-con. bus which sign of “no eating or drink” around.  The bus was full and crowded as usual.  They put their bags on a chair.  A passenger told one of the girl, chair was not supposed for them to place bags.  The girl ignored it. Pretended not hearing at all.  I stared at those young guys a few times.  They kept eating and joking.  Not even had any intention to take their bags from the chair.  Empty the chair for others. 

Actually, no surprise at all.  As in MTR, many young people will not give their seats to old people or pregnant woman.  They think they should have everything they wanted to without giving any effort.   Others have to give in.   They just open their mouths and wait for feeding.  

I think their parents and education system should be responsible for that.

No future in Hong Kong if we have to depend on this generation.


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