Single but not available?!

Well, men always claimed they are married but available.   Ridiculous right?   Hurt all parties and hurt yourself.

Now, more and more single women around.  Most of them are pretty, well educated, have decent jobs. 

WHY being single?

Think married is not the only way of living for women.  


Women can have babies without being married.   They are financially independent.  No need to rely on anyone for living.

And divorce rate keeps going up.  No more one life one love.  No more holding hands and growth grey and old………  People are more vulnerable.  Can’t face and sort out difficulties together.  Communication around the world is easier but sad to find less communication than before. 


In Hong Kong, women are more than men.  It should be men’s paradise.  But education level of women is generally higher than men.  It makes the situation worse.  Still, lots of women would love to find her Mr. Right.  But keep disappointed by those they have met.  On the other hand, more and more men go back to mainland China and find their Ms. Right.  Girls there are more obey to their husband.  That satisfied men’s male chauvinism.    Men here give bad name to single woman like “excessive” woman, “leftover”  woman.    Thanks for typical gentleman in Hong Kong.  They are really so kind and gentle. 

Applause!!!! For being single. 


8 thoughts on “Single

  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting ^^Hm… I heard that there are more men in the Mainland then women…but perhaps their male chauvinism is even more excessive.Anyways, just be happy about the situation you are in, single or coupled.Sounds like men are so crude in HK. that is sad.

  2. @ZenPaper – Hi Zen, thanks for your visit and comments too.  You are right more men than women in China as they still weight boys are more important.  It is sad as there is one child policy in China.  Some of cruel parents would have abortion illegally if they knew their baby will be a girl.  Anyway, it’s another issue.  haha thanks I am happy about my situation and make the most of my day.  Enjoying life.  Yes, men here made us sigh lolEnjoy the rest of weekend,cheers,

  3. the times are changing. things are confused these days, all over the world. but if you see this you can work with things as they are. and if your heart is true…well, that is the main thing. of course there will be struggle, but you will always land on your feet. 

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