First time…… Peng Chau

  What a lovely sunny day.  Just couldn’t stay home.  Wild heart?!  No, just have to breath

Towel, bikinis, sun screen lotion….. Ready GO!



Couldn’t wait to cuddle with sunshine. 

Where to go?  Where to go?  I really couldn’t wait………


This one?  Looks nice!  Go go go.  Why not?  It sucks?  It was what said by my friend.  Ok.  Turn out………


We were on a ferry from Discovery Bay!  I couldn’t believe there is public transportation doesn’t accept Octopus (smart card).  So have to have coins. 

Well, the ferry trip was short but nice. 



Here we went.  Peng Chau!  Have been living in Hong Kong since was born.  But never been to Peng Chau.   A new place for me to explore……… and introduced by a Gweilo :p


We didn’t go to beach directly.  But…..


After first drink, just couldn’t stop.  So


Was not all.  More after that……

After several trips to washroom.   Time to go to beach 🙂


Narrow streets with old buildings in two sides.  Just like Cheung Chau.  But here was so quiet.  Not many shops.


A very Chinese style place for rest.  Well  I guess it is a place for resting lol


A closed cinema.  Dropped out as not competitive enough?  Sigh!



hmm,  not what I expected.  Just not beautiful and attractive at all.  Even no changing room around.  Had to go back to pier.  I was really disappointed.  

Kept walking along……..


A lovely bbq area.  With nice view.  So we sat there and had beer again.  

Still was an enjoyable outing.

Thanks Bill for the nice afternoon.  Always fun with you x



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