Tim Tam

Photo0602  You got a parcel!

Normally, you got an email instead of a mail or a parcel.  What you prefer?

Email will be something fast but “cold”.  No character, no “soul” there. 

A mail or a parcel is something you can touch.  You can feel. You can smell! 

You can tell something from hand writing. Those my friends complained can’t read my hand writing usually lol  But at least they know, that’s me.  Someone has special “character” 😛

Well, back to parcel.  Got the parcel from security at lobby.  Yes, not in mail box as it is too big.  Mail boxes is a pigeon hole big!

“Hug” my parcel back home.  Couldn’t wait to open it.  Something from Australia…….

Haha Tim Tam!!!!!!!

First knew it on Qantas flight to Brisbane.  Stewardess educated a German couple about Tim Tam after she saw the couple left it untouched!  I didn’t get that benefit as I love dessert.  Always finished it. 

Well, I got four packs of Tim Tam from sweet Alan who always stock it home.  My Koala is excited he got something from Australia.  He misses home lol.  I am sad he still miss home.  He should take HK as his home!

I think we could get Tim Tam in HK as I found HK importer’s information at the back of pack.  Dare not to tell Alan :p  But it is his sweet heart and thought count.  And it made the biscuit more sweet and tasty. 

Found something well associated with Australia in kitchen.  A bottle of Vegemite.  Almost untouched.  Had it on bread once. Don’t like the taste.  Kept there for some other reasons.  Too sad to see it and touch it.   Well, it has been expired for two years.  It’s time to trash it with memories.   

Anyway, I have lots of Tim Tam now.  I am happy getting something sweet. 


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